Lonestar lonestar xc championship

Lonestar Hearne, Texas

The LoneStar XC camp is designed for all levels of paraglider pilots, who want to improve thermal and XC skills in a low stress environment. Texas offers consistent strong smooth lift with amazing cloud streets. 100 mile flights are common place in Hearne, Texas.

Daily clinics and discussions about flying XC and all related topics.

This is the site of the two longest race to goal tasks ever completed in the world. 198 kms.

Lonestar 2024

August 4 to August 9

Entry fee is $300, 10% goes to prize money, and includes t-shirt, XC retrieval, scoring, awards ceremony and dinner. Tow/retrieve fee is $300.

We average 5 out of 6 days flown and many pilots fly personal bests, scoring, prize money and awards ceremony.


Pilot List 10 pilots registered

Name Glider
1 Brandon Brantley Gin Calypso
2 Max Montgomery Ozone Zeno
3 Steve Messinger
4 Trent Okeson Advance Iota DLS
5 Valter Castilho Air Design Volt 4
6 Thomas McCormick Ozone Zeno 2
7 Douglas Dillon Gin Evora
8 Dennis Johnson Gin Leapard
9 David Weaver Advance Epsilon 9
10 Matt Morton Nova Codex

Plenty of hotels, restaurants and Big Miles!

50 pilot limit.

Spot or other GPS tracking device highly recommended.


Each pilot must have an approved GPS device that can record their track log from each day's flight. These tracks should be downloaded and emailed to our score keeper. We use FAI-approved score software, following the established rules and using the standard algorithms.


You can download the waypoints for the competition here

Results 2022

Name Total
Jaime Vargas 247
Robert Simpson 1,301
Esau Diaz 1,116
Lindsey Ripa 685
Shawn Scott 2,034
Austin Kasserman 5,024
Moacir Thiele 2,674
Valter Castilho 2,278
Ben Parker 2,850
Roxanne Lopez 519
Robin Hamilton 1,904
Ioan Miftode 454
Rick Fullmer 3,105
Bob Blount 1,115
Chris Lee 3,936
Josh McVeigh 2,448
Michael Bene 420
Andrew Dahl 4,190
Andria Lea 811
David Siljeg 2,566
John Davis 735
Max Montgomery 3,343
Christopher Dunlap 547
David Prentice 3,626
Gokcen Buyukbas 2,142
Tyler Burns 4,770
Brandon Brantley 825
Corbin Petersen 618
Emily Petersen 497
Felix Figueroa 2,847
Thomas McCormick 2,622
Todd Peele 324
Zakey Faieq 1,753
Chandler Papas 2,508
Dustin Pachura 3,469

Weather in Hearne now overcast clouds