Lonestar lonestar xc championship

Lonestar Hearne, Texas

The LoneStar XC camp is designed for all levels of paraglider pilots, who want to improve thermal and XC skills in a low stress environment. Texas offers consistent strong smooth lift with amazing cloud streets. 100 mile flights are common place in Hearne, Texas.

Daily clinics and discussions about flying XC and all related topics.

This is the site of the two longest race to goal tasks ever completed in the world. 198 kms.

Lonestar 2021

The event takes place in late July-early August.

No dates have been defined yet for the next edition.

Entry fee is $300, 10% goes to prize money, and includes t-shirt, XC retrieval, scoring, awards ceremony and dinner. Tow fee is $150.

We average 5 out of 6 days flown and many pilots fly personal bests, scoring, prize money and awards ceremony.

XC Camp: $350, including xc clinic, tows and retrieve.

Plenty of hotels, restaurants and Big Miles!

40 pilot limit.

Spot or other GPS tracking device highly recommended.

You can download the waypoints for the competition here

Pilot List No pilots registered

Name Glider

Results 2018 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Name Total
Josiah Sewell 3775
Kyle O'Glee 3227
Valter Castilho 2508
Matt Ingram 2481
Maxime Legaignoux 1940
Andrew Rayhill 1744
Samuel Ruiz 1716
Robert Simpson 1710
Bill Hudson 1451
Rick Fullmer 1400
David Prentice 1347
Tim Kanclerowicz 853
John Davis 622
Wyatt Lines 323
Melissa Morton 275
Brad Morton 274
Doug Wenger 206
Ali Mahdavi 205
Christian Gordon 147
Philip Morgan 137