ECPC the east coast paragliding championship

ECPC La Belle, Florida

Come enjoy the world class flats of Florida with many 100 km tasks, in the East Coast Paragliding Championship. Strong lift and epic cloud streets have drawn top pilots from around the world to Florida for more than 75 years!

ECPC La Belle, Florida

The event takes place in late April-early May.

No dates have been defined yet.

Entry fee is $300, 10% goes to prize money, and includes t-shirt, XC retrieval, scoring, awards ceremony and dinner. Tow fee is $150.

We average 5 out of 6 days flown and many pilots fly personal bests, scoring, prize money and awards ceremony.


The closest airport is Fort Myers, with West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale being a next closest.

Our HQ facilities are located in Ring Drive, by the Neverland camping site.


Glades RV Resort:
6 cabins for rent which have a small kitchen and can house 2-3 pilots per cabin.

Port La Belle Inn:
Will offer a pilot discount if you stay for the week.
Speak with Terry at:
(863) 675-4411

La Belle Motel:
(863) 675-2971

The Rivers Edge:
(863) 675-6062

La Belle Woods:
(863) 675-3641


Ortona Lock:
Improved camping sites and rv hook-ups with hot showers and laundry facilities
(863) 675-8400. Camp fee is $30 per night.

NeverLand Flight Park:
Unimproved camping $5 a night.


You can download the waypoints for the competition here

Pilot List 13 pilots registered

Name Glider
1 Tom Lanning Gin Bonanza 2
2 Ryan Dunn 777 Queen 2 Light
3 Chad Henderson 777 Queen 2
4 Justin Hawkins Triple Seven Queen 2
5 James Culver 777 Queen2
6 Chris Lee 777 Queen 2
7 Derek Bartlem Triple7 Knight
8 Lisa Dickinson Advance Sigma 10
9 Terry Bono Ozone Delta 3
10 David McNulty Advance Sigma 10
11 Dustin Pachura Triple Seven Queen 2
12 Dennis Johnson Ozone Mantra 7
13 Alex Popow Ozone Enzo 3

Results 2019 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Name Total
Josiah Sewell 1323
Chris Lee 1031
Dustin Pachura 944
David McNulty 939
Tom Lanning 866
David Prentice 854
Alex Popow 717
Corey Cassidy 681
Robert Covington 573
Ryan Dunn 570
Subodh Pandey 514
Jeff Thompson 424
Rob Reynolds 403
Allen Schwartz 152
John Breen 55
John Davis 55
Jeff Sinason 55