Fly Cuervo! worldwide, world class paragliding adventures


When you sign up for a FlyCuervo tour, you know you are going to fly world class places at the best possible time of the year.

FlyCuervo doesn't just take pilots on a flying tour: it takes them to world class xc flying destinations, so you don't have to worry if the flying will be good or not.

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We can help you achieve your ultimate goals whether they be taking your first high altitude solo, learning some advanced aerobatic maneuvers, or skycamping across some foreign land.

Check our advanced maneuvers clinics and SIV trainings at premier flying sites around the world.

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FlyCuervo organizes a variety of events, covering from advanced paragliding competitions and cross-country clinics, to introductory competitions for novice-intermediate pilots.

From the Spring Fling in Florida, USA; to the LoneStar in Texas, find the event that suits your style and skill level.

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If you want to experience what world class paragliding adventure is about, book your tour today. Call or email now for current pricing and to book your tour dates for your winter flying getaway.